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So I Heard…


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By now, I’m sure most of you have heard that I’ve moved. If not; I’ve moved. I’m not exactly thrilled by the turn of events, but it could be far worse, all things considered.

I am extremely grateful to my parents-in-law for allowing Tiffanie, Muirne and me to rent part of their home. I am also extremely grateful to the multitude of friends and family that helped us on moving day.

We are in the middle of the foreclosure process with the bank and are awaiting our bankruptcy discharge, which should be granted toward the beginning of February. Normally, I wouldn’t share an embarrassing personal detail like that with the world, but it’s a matter of public record, so it’s really not all that personal a detail. And if, for some reason, knowing that I was abysmal at managing money makes you think less of me as a person, I invite you to step out your front door and play “hide and go fuck yourself.”

You see, the reason that I’m not that upset that I’m losing my house and destroying my credit is that I have a child. My choice was to either maintain the status quo, raising Muirne in a house falling apart around us with creditors threatening to take my paycheck, or to file bankruptcy and find a home for her in a safe, secure structure. Tiffanie and I made mistakes with our money in the past: Muirne should not and will not suffer for those mistakes in the here and now. I am a pacifist, yet I know I would kill for that little girl: surely swallowing my pride and embarrassing myself should be no challenge.

So, in the event you find yourself questioning my motivation for anything I do, remember that my child means more to me than life itself. I will sacrifice anything to secure her safety, health and comfort.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped to make this difficult time just a bit easier for us. Here’s to clearer skies and smoother sailing in 2010!

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  1. Mary Diamond

    I’ve always gotten the impression that you guys were pretty careful with your money. At least a helluva lot more careful than we are. Anyway, don’t beat yourself up over losing this battle. The entire country is suffering in this economy -and we’re the friggin’ cannon fodder. You are not alone.

    Oh, and we all make up for being bad with money by being, in large part anyway, much better parents than our fore… parents. So here’s to the kids getting a better deal out of the whole mess. =D

  2. Taylor

    Not that I normally comment on blogs, but as a teacher…. Thank you for being a stellar example of what a parent should be. Your daughter will be an amazing person for your selfless approach to things. Keep your chin up and know that while things suck, you’re an amazing person.

  3. Ronda McCaskey

    I am so proud of you for stepping up and making sure that your little girl has the best possible environment to grow up in even though it took a lot for you to have to take that step and give up what you fought so hard to keep. I know this has been very difficult on you and Tiffanie both but I also know that you will be better in the long run and Muirne certainly will be better. As far as the comment that you will do a better job than your forebears. I certainly hope so! I did the best I could with what I had and it turned out you! An absolutely amazing person if I must say so myself! So if you can and will do a better job than me….HURRAY!! Please do so!! I KNOW you will !!! Love you son!!

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