In Bloom

The weather in northern Illinois was simply beautiful today, so I took some time off work and headed home to spend some time with the family. I tried feebly to take a bit of a nap too, but could not fall asleep. I did get to spend some time playing and being silly with my daughter, however. That was really the best part of my day. I wish I had more moments like those, but the long commute I pull means I have far less time with my little girl than I would like. I hope when she gets older she understands why I wasn’t around very much. I hope she understands that I love her more than life itself. I hope she’s happier for the life I’ve been able to provide for her than not.

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  1. Ronda McCaskey Avatar
    Ronda McCaskey

    Son, I am sure she knows already how very much her Daddy loves her. I hope as much as you know how much I love you…..and how much I tried to do the best I could to provide for you kids…

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