When She’s Not Around

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acrid flesh

the char-broiled sound

down and dirty

when she’s not around

fucking up

all the times we’ve had

messing it all up

when she’s not around




the order’s upside-down

I feel the venom burning

twisted words around

make it right

man, make it okay

I can’t stand

another fucking day

with her not around

push and pull

it’s all the same

when you’re dancing around

the twisted, corroded flame

’cause it’s never the same

when she’s not around.



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I’m glad that I met you.

I’m glad that I let you.

I’m glad that we can.

I’m glad that we’re alone.

Aren’t you glad you’re at home?


So, you’re sad that I left you,

and you’re sad ’cause I meant to,

but what you don’t understand

is that I’m not the one who’s bad.

And aren’t you glad we’re alone?


I’ve moved on

and grown a little too.

So thank you, bitch,

and fuck you.


Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back


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So the scale said I’m 222 this morning. >sigh<

I did miss most of last week’s working out due to the weather, but I’m still pretty bummed. However, this is one small hiccup in my quest, and what would the adventure be worth without some adversity, right?

I’m entering the next phase of my regimen, upping the resistance on the weight machines, etc. Hopefully I can get back on track.

Onward and upward!


Brand New

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This is a brand new poem, as opposed to the recycled old crap I’ve been posting:

A Hall of Mirrors


My face in your face

The light in your eyes

Dancing and twirling

Growing, alive

A hall of mirrors reflecting me


Shards of glass

Silver and black

Injure and cut

Years of bad luck

A hall of mirrors protecting me


Wrinkles and bags

Time’s been unkind

Disease and old age

Inevitable fate

A hall of mirrors infecting me


Circles and rings

Forever’s the thing

Betrothed and betrayed

You gave me away

A hall of mirrors rejecting me


Faces of friends

Lovers pretend

Once long-lost

And now again

A hall of mirrors connecting me


Merging of id

Conflicts within

Shadows and glass

Handful of ash

A hall of mirrors inspecting me


Playing of games

Avoid and evade

Questions, no answers

Marvelous tack

A hall of mirrors deflecting me


Slap on the hand

Sterner rebuke

Slap to the face

Farcical truth

A hall of mirrors correcting me


Lust in my eye

Love in my heart

Could be the end

Rebirth, renew

A hall of mirrors selecting me


The Closest Thing He Has

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The closest thing he has

is fading away.

The closest thing he has

is turning grey.


The closest thing he has

made him see the light.

The closest thing he has

is picking a fight.


The closest thing he has

now wants you.

The closest thing he has

has something to do.


The closest thing he has

is a ruiner.

The closest thing he has

doesn’t love her.


The closest thing he has

has torn out his heart,

and ripped it in two.


The closest thing he has

he has not.



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It’s snow, people. It happens every fucking year in Northern Illinois. How do you ignorant fucks forget how to drive in it, EVERY FUCKING YEAR!@#

Here are my winter driving tips for those of you who have also forgotten how to drive in a quarter inch of snow:

  1. Know what your car can do. This is probably the most important rule of driving, whether it’s winter or not. Inevitably, I will get passed on the highway by someone in an SUV with four-wheel drive. Also inevitably, I will see an SUV with four-wheel drive in the ditch at least once on my commute (yesterday there were five of them). Just because your vehicle has four-wheel drive or “traction control,” doesn’t meet the vehicle manufacturer has given you carte blanche to drive like a jackass.
  2. Pay attention. This seems like a no-brainer, but plenty of people have no brains. If you’re holding your cell phone up to your head, putting on make-up or, heaven help me, reading the goddamned newspaper while you’re driving, what you’re really doing is driving while you do one of those things. People that do this shit are lucky that I want to live to see my daughter grow up. Otherwise, I’ve half a mind to immediately prepare for ramming speed. I think Jim Morrison said it best: “Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.”
  3. Slow down. Look, I like to drive fast too, but if there’s snow on the ground, you need to slow down. I’m not saying you need to do 35 on the interstate, but at least tick it down 5 mph. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing some douchebag flying down the road only to cause problems later. Think of someone other than yourself for a moment, you dumb prick.

>end rant<


One Little Victory

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I now weigh 219 pounds. I have lost my first pound on my quest to become “A Shape Other Than Round.” Yay! This despite not attending 100% of my scheduled workout sessions. I’m sure that the weather this week will stifle my plans for working out just about every day, but I’ll keep plugging away at it. Huzzah!


No Berets Or Poofy Shirts Here

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I am a poet, I guess. Maybe I used to be. Anyway, I came across an archive of my old poems a while ago and decided that I might as well share them.

My inaugural post is dedicated to my friend Allison (as is the poem) who took the time to type up my collected poems and save them to floppy for me. Thanks, AJM!

And for the record, I never said I was a good poet. 🙂

Just For You (AJB)

I wrote this just for you;

it seems you’re finally getting your due.

I’ve heard what people say,

but I just don’t see it that way;

what they’ve said of you,

ain’t none of it true.

It pisses me off;

it makes me mad,

but maybe they’re just jealous

of the kick-ass times we’ve had.


Know this my friend,

as I write this to you,

(and listen real good, ’cause, as we all know,

everything I say is true):


You’re a real good friend,

and pretty damn cool too.

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