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No Berets Or Poofy Shirts Here

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I am a poet, I guess. Maybe I used to be. Anyway, I came across an archive of my old poems a while ago and decided that I might as well share them.

My inaugural post is dedicated to my friend Allison (as is the poem) who took the time to type up my collected poems and save them to floppy for me. Thanks, AJM!

And for the record, I never said I was a good poet. 🙂

Just For You (AJB)

I wrote this just for you;

it seems you’re finally getting your due.

I’ve heard what people say,

but I just don’t see it that way;

what they’ve said of you,

ain’t none of it true.

It pisses me off;

it makes me mad,

but maybe they’re just jealous

of the kick-ass times we’ve had.


Know this my friend,

as I write this to you,

(and listen real good, ’cause, as we all know,

everything I say is true):


You’re a real good friend,

and pretty damn cool too.

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